How do i get a truck licence?

Frequently asked questions

Below we have listed the most common question asked over the phone by prospective clients wanting a truck licence in NSW if you have any other questions that are not covered in this section about truck training or truck licensing or any thing else please feal free to contact us



Q: How do I get a Hr truck licence or heavy rigid licence?

A: You will need to go to your local RTA and pass a Heavy Rigid Truck drivers knowledge test and then give us a call to book a 1 day course, once we sign you off on your truck driver competencies you can then pick up your new up graded HR Heavy Rigid Drivers Licence.

Q: How do I get a Mr licence or medium rigid licence ?

A: Just like any other Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence you will need to undergo and pass a Medium Rigid drivers knowledge Test at your local RTA/RMS, once you have passed this truck drivers knowledge test you will then need to book a MR driving course with us, we will then train you up and assess you on your truck driving competencies which are provided to you by the RTA, when all your medium rigid competencies are completed you can then pick up your MR truck licence at your local RTA/RMS 

Q: How much does it cost to get a heavy vehicle licence ?

A:The cost of a HR truck training drivers course and assessment starts at $900 and MR course and assessment $650, if you require extra training lessons with HR licence is $100 per hour extra and MR Training lessons are $80 per extra hour, it all depend on your existing driver skills and any existing knowledge or practise in larger vehicles, on average client range from 0-3 extra hours to complete the truck drivng course and final assessment for HR (Heavy Rigid) and 0-2 extra hours for MR (Medium Rigid)

Q: Am I guaranteed to get my truck licence

A:Unfortunately just like the RTA/RMS we cannot guarantee your truck licence nor can any other truck driving school to simply put it it is illegal andan un safe thing to do as it put yourself and other road users at risk. However we can guarantee you will pass and receive your truck licence either within the initial allocated course time or after a few extra hours, as long as you have the want to learn we have the patients to train and assess to reach the final goal of being issued with your Heavy Vehicle Drivers licence.

Q: I am thinking of getting a mining job what truck licence do I need ?

A: Most mines you will need a HR (Heavy Rigid) truck licence as a minimum entry requirement for almost all positions whether it be driving trucks in the mines or being a machine operator in the mines.